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USAF Fields VR Tech During Experimental Exercise Event

Virtual Reality

Chaplains from the U.S. Air Force’s 366th Fighter Wing took part in an experimental exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base from Oct. 21 to 29 to demonstrate a new lead wing command design in deployed environments.

“In VR, Airmen can meditate, go fishing, fly through space, enjoy walking in nature or (have) hundreds of other engaging experiences,” said Tech. Sgt. Anthony Bean, an airman for religious affairs at the 366th Fighter Wing. 

The Agile Flag 21-1 drill participants employed virtual reality to help combat stress and frustration while in deployed areas, the Air Force said Wednesday. They experienced environments that held sentimental value to boost their morale and strengthen their minds and bodies.

“Solo VR experiences build resiliency and provide an intuitive platform for engagement and interaction which is critical to overcoming ‘the tyranny of distance,’” Bean added.

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