Tyler1 pulls off an impressive one vs three outplay in League of Legends

Tyler1 is most well-known for his gameplay as the ADC champion Draven. Since he began playing League this has been his champion of choice and has allowed him to pull off some impressive performances.

During a recent stream, Tyler added to this list with an incredible one vs three victory in the top lane. What began as an overly aggressive Jax quickly turned dangerous for the streamer as the enemy Lucian roamed from the mid lane to appear out of the river blocking any hope of Tyler’s retreat.

After kiting the pair of enemies to survive on a slither of health Tyler was then greeted by a third foe as Shaco emerged from the river to clean up the severely damaged Draven. This proved to be a grave mistake for Shaco as Draven was just too powerful and able to completely decimate the jungle champion while surviving the fight himself.

Tyler is currently working towards his third challenger ranking this season after achieving this rank in both ADC and Jungle roles, right now the streamer’s full attention is set on the top lane.

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