Tyler1 learns new item build in League of Legends

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One of Twitch’s most popular League of Legends streamers Tyler1 had a revelation today regarding one of the games starting items.

During a recent stream, Tyler began his game playing Olaf opting to spend his 500 gold to purchase a Corrupting Potion at the beginning of the game. Laning against the enemy Singed, Tyler noticed that he had begun the game with a Refillable Potion before appearing to have sold it for a Corrupting Potion.

Tyler drew this to the attention of his chat stating that this was the second time today he had seen someone do this item strategy, criticizing it calling it a net gold loss. The chat was quick to inform Tyler that Refillable Potion could be built into Corrupting Potion much to his surprise.

“It upgrades? What are you talking about? Refillable builds into Corrupting? Bullshit.” Tyler said.

He then opened the store to see for himself. Tyler was mind-blown by the news stating that in all the time he had played the game he had no clue Refillable Potion was upgradable.

Tyler is a high-level player who boasts challenger ranking on two different accounts of different roles within League. The streamer has captained teams to victory in multiple Twitch Rivals championships.

Currently, Tyler is working towards achieving his third challenger account playing solely in the top lane. With all this high-level experience, as well as his years of playing the game Tyler still was not aware of this specific item, build available in the game.

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