Tyler1 accuses XQC of view botting as the pair trade shots on stream

Two of Twitch’s biggest stars have traded shots after a viewer told Tyler1 that XQC had insulted his partner Macaiyla during a game of Among Us.

The exchange began with Tyler reading a donation from chat claiming that XQC had called Macaiyla a “zero IQ bitch” during a game of Among Us the pair were part of. Tyler responded to this with a seemingly dismissive comment.

“XQC and malding in Among Us a children’s fucking party game that no one gives a fuck about, crazy,” Tyler said.

After this clip was sent to XQC the feud continued with the streamer choosing to take shots at Tyler’s game of choice, League of Legends.

“He’s playing some fucking Teletubbies, Lego rip off, dogshit, playdough garbage, dollar store DOTA, and spent his entire life on it,” XQC said. At one point he’s going to wake up and he’s gonna be what, like 60 and have spent 40 years of his life playing a fucking game made for a like twelve-year-old.”

Tyler one was shown this clip shortly after and responded similarly criticizing the game XQC had been streaming as well as taking aim at the streamer personally saying that the only reason people play with him is that he attracts viewers.

“And what are you playing XQC? A fucking party game, with random strangers who only tolerate your shit because you have viewers. Now honestly XQC, you’re view botting okay, there I said it.”

This isn’t the first time Tyler has accused XQC of view botting, earlier this month when asked what his thoughts were on playing Among Us Tyler made the same accusation.

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