This Store Is Allegedly Selling Xbox Series X Early

The Xbox Series X and its smaller digital-only companion, the Xbox Series S, both release on the 10th of November. Which is slightly before their main rival, the PS5, releases on the 12th and 19th of November.

Early release or unboxing of the consoles isn’t permitted at this moment in time. It’s also rather pointless as no games are yet available, and Microsoft are yet to turn on their servers.

This is strange because some celebrities already claim they own a next-gen console. Although if they do, we imagine functionality is limited at this stage.

Those lucky enough to have an Xbox Series X or a PS5 already essentially have a rather expensive paperweight unless they have somehow got their hands on a game or two.

Online gaming lobbies will also be as good as empty. So, it does make you wonder, what’s the point? Early releases have happened with previous generations, but we were always left wondering the same exact question.

Perhaps Microsoft and Sony give certain VIPs a special dispensation or access to a select private server until full launch? It’s plausible, but it’s certainly not something that’s on offer to the rest of us mere mortals.

That is until now.

Are They Selling Xbox Series X Consoles Early?

That’s because allegedly, and we really must stress the allegedly, a game store in Columbia is already selling Xbox Series X consoles early.

A Reddit post started by u/jpslayer67 shows an unboxing video of an Xbox Series X. The unboxing seems legit, but the poster goes on to say that the store where it took place is also selling the consoles now instead of waiting for the 10th of November.

They also mention that the store is selling the consoles to those who pre-ordered an Xbox Series X. However, the video doesn’t show anything to support either claim.

Due to the points we made above, we don’t see how early sales would benefit the store or the player anyway. All it risks doing is earning the wrath of Microsoft.

But that doesn’t mean the rumor isn’t true, just unsubstantiated at this time. Although if you’d like to treat yourself to an early unboxing video, then go right ahead:

If you’d like to be good though, don’t forget Xbox is holding a series of celebratory online events all around the world on the 9th of November. The day before release.

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