These Are the Hottest Fashion Brands In the Post-Covid World

Fashion going out of fashion? What a ridiculous notion! At least, that’s according to Lyst’s Q3 report of the world’s top fashion brands. The global search platform has unveiled its latest findings and it seems people are interested in more than just sweatpants.

Unsurprisingly, earlier reports in the year revealed that consumers had eschewed luxury and formal garb in favor of comfortable loungewear. While the hottest product lists are still top-heavy with sportswear and activewear suitable for the home, Lyst postulates that there is a reason for optimism among brands that combine a strong point of view with a robust approach to digital. In a time of brand overload, personality and the ability to stand out is more vital than ever.

“If early lockdown saw consumer confidence falter and preferences pivot toward loungewear and activewear, the third quarter of the year painted a sunnier picture, all things considered,” read the report. “Shoppers are willing to spend on brands that spark excitement and joy, while categories associated with life before Covid-19, such as bags and high heels, are rising again, global uncertainty notwithstanding.” Few others embody such things better than Telfar, whose independent spirit and democratic message has won legions of new fans over the last couple of years. Its handbag was named the hottest product in the world.

There are no real surprises in the hottest brand categories, with only Jacquemus and Marine Serre joining the usual familiar faces. Prada, now with Raf Simons on board, tripled its online sales revenue, while there was plenty of buzz about Fendi due to the appointment of Kim Jones as artistic director of womenswear. Gucci’s ranking as the quarter’s hottest brand can be heavily attributed to the livestream of its Epilogue collection in July, where worldwide views exceeded 35 million, making it the brand’s most-watched digital event ever.

The men’s products were equally predictable — perhaps the main takeaway is that the Muleboyz are clearly having an impact, given both the Birkenstock Boston clogs and UGG Scuff Deco slippers placed second and fourth, respectively. Other notable placings include the Patagonia baggie short, long a favorite of this parish, at eight, and the adidas face mask at nine (demand for masks grew by 389 percent, which, while high, is still lower than the 510 percent spike earlier in the year). The Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG sneaker ranked first (Dior was not considered for the hottest brands list because of its distribution model, noted Lyst).

Lyst arrived at its conclusions after “[analyzing the online shopping behavior of more than nine million shoppers a month searching, browsing, and buying fashion across 12,000 designers and stores online.”

Hottest Brands in Q3 of 2020

1. Gucci

2. Off-White™

3. Nike

4. Prada

5. Balenciaga

6. Fendi

7. Versace

8. Saint Laurent

9. Bottega Veneta

10. Valentino

11. Jacquemus

12. Burberry

13. Moncler

14. Alexander McQueen

15. Loewe

16. Balmain

17. adidas

18. Givenchy

19. Fear of God

20. Marine Serre


Top Men’s Products in Q3 of 2020

1. Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG sneakers

2. Birkenstock Boston clogs

3. Nike Tech Fleece joggers

4. UGG Scuff Deco slippers

5. Balenciaga logo tennis socks

6. Nike x Travis Scott Air Max 270 Cactus Trails sneakers

7. Prada leather combat boots

8. Patagonia Baggie shorts

9. adidas face mask

10. Off-White™ airport tape hoodie

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