Oculus Quest 2 is selling “beyond what we expected” says Facebook

Latest updates on the Oculus Quest 2 release show the tech is selling exceptionally well despite all the upset surrounding the necessitation of a Facebook account in order to access the device. Brought to our attention by TechPowerup, it seems the stats are looking good for the Quest 2.

Facebook’s Director of Content Ecosystem at Oculus, Chris Pruett, seemed very pleased in his interview with Protocol Gaming, regarding the unprecedented success of the Quest 2. He notes that the ream “really couldn’t be happier” that not only were the sales “maybe a little bit beyond what we expected,” but that they were selling much faster. And, unlike some manufacturers who have been fumbling in the current tech climate *cough* Nvidia *cough*, Facebook has managed to keep up with the excruciating demand. 

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