Matthew McConaughey Dishes on Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Table Read – E! Online

Sorry, Matthew McConaughey didn’t feel the “heat” between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

In September, the exes had the internet buzzing when they took part in the star-studded Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read, during which they virtually acted out a steamy scene together. While delighted fans dissected every moment between the former couple, who split in 2005, Matthew—who also participated in the event—didn’t see any “sexual tension” between Brad and Jen. 

While on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, Oct. 29, the Oscar winner was asked about the duo’s on-screen reunion. “Could I feel the heat through the screen of Brad? Oh…so palpable,” the 50-year-old actor joked. “No, it was…I noticed that after that, that that’s what a lot of the topics were…about that or about them. And no, I actually didn’t notice anything through the screen.”

But Matthew did note, “That made for a good topic the next day.”

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