LeBron James voices over new Hummer commercial

As the new face of Hummer, the voice of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is featured in the new GMC Hummer EV commercial.

Of course, it brought back memories for the Lakers forward, especially since his first car is a Hummer which he got when he turned 18 years old.

Via Twitter, James shared the new commercial, all while expressing his excitement to ride and drive the vehicle. The Lakers forward also mentioned his first Hummer—the one that he drove around while still in a senior in high school playing for the Fighting Irish of St. Vincent-St. Mary.

Those who have been following LeBron James’ career since day one are well aware of his controversy with the brand. When the Lakers champ turned 18, his mother Gloria James gifted him a Hummer. This prompted the Ohio High School Athletic Association to investigate since there was a bylaw that states that no amateur may accept any gift valued over $100 as a reward for athletic performance.

However, it was revealed that Gloria got the Hummer off a loan, proving that it was a personal gift and not some present from an outside source. The case was eventually closed.

While James is pumped about the new partnership, some couldn’t help but feel salty about it.

Some weren’t really feeling the Hummer, as one called it a “weak whip” while another pointed out how its design is very similar to one of James’ cars.

But LeBron diehards went loud and proud to proclaim that the Lakers vet’s new deal with Hummer is the reason why he’s the greatest of all time.

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