Hummer goes green

An iconic American vehicle that had entered the annals of carbon-spewing infamy as a gas guzzler could soon be back on the roads. General Motors (GM) is set to relaunch its Hummer, which last rolled off assembly lines a decade ago. This time, however, it will hog road space in an electric avatar. While analysts say GM hopes to pre-empt Tesla’s launch of a heavy e-vehicle, the fact that even the Hummer has gone green speaks volumes of how far electric vehicle (EV) technology has come. If this tank-like trundler can give up fossil fuel, goes the message, so could anything else we drive.

Some years ago, Tesla took breaths away with how sporty EVs could be. Its sedans boasted of a pick-up that could slam backs to seats at the press of a pedal. Few thought heavier vehicles could convert without a drop in performance. GM’s all-terrain Hummer was originally designed for military use, though it was the civilian version that won legions of fans worldwide for its off-road skills. How well the e-Hummer performs, we don’t know yet. But if it’s even a patch on the old one, then that would be good news for eco-conscious motorists and the planet at large.

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