HP Reverb G2 Starts Shipping To Retailers

Don’t expect any last-minute delays for the highly anticipated HP Reverb G2; the headset is now shipping out to retailers.

HP’s Joanna Popper announced the news on Reddit this week. We already knew the PC VR headset would start shipping out pre-orders in November, but Popper confirmed the device was now being sent out to ‘channel partners’. That’s basically a term for retailers HP itself has partnered with to sell the headset; the company is using different retailers depending on the region you’re in.

Elsewhere, Popper reaffirmed that the first pre-order units should arrive early on in the month, but will carry on being delivered through to December. If you order a unit now, you shouldn’t expect to get one next month, in other words.

Reverb G2 promises a resolution of 2160×2160 per eye, which surpasses pretty much every other VR headset on the market right now including the recently-released Oculus Quest 2. It also boasts the same off-ear audio solution seen in 2019’s Index headset thanks to a partnership with Valve, and runs on Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform. The headset will run content on SteamVR but will also be launching with timed-exclusive access to VR support on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Following on from Reverb G2’s launch, HP will launch an Omnicept Edition next year geared more towards enterprise use.

HP is supplying a review unit of the G2 to test, so we’ll be looking to bring you full impressions in the very near future. Are you hoping to get a Reverb G2 next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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