Grapple Tournament Is A VR Shooter With Grappling Hook Combat

Grapple Tournament is a recently released VR game that’s a bit like an arena shooter such as Overwatch mixed with high-flying grappling hooks.

In a non-VR game it probably wouldn’t be that appealing to launch yourself around the map using grappling hooks, but in VR it feels immensely liberating. Imagine if you gave a room full of Spider-Man wannabees guns and that’s pretty close to what we’ve got here.

Naturally, we’ve seen a handful of VR games with very similar mechanics already. Windlands and Windlands 2 are great single-player action-adventure titles, but this cranks the insanity up to 11 by pitting you against other players.

Grapple Tournament is still in Early Access and aims to stay that way until late 2021 more than likely. Currently there are five different weapons, three game modes, five maps, two practice ranges, and over 100 customization items for your character. It’s also got a friend and party system, in addition to private lobbies, which is more than most multiplayer VR games have at full launch these days.

Over the next year the developers are looking to add five additional maps, more game modes, and more customization. There will also be wave-based tower defense modes and solo or co-op challenges so you’re not required to simply fight others over and over.

Last week the Happy Holidays update released including new customization options, map decorations, a candy cane melee weapon, and reskins of weapons like the grenade pistol to a snowball pistol.

Grapple Tournament is out now on Steam for $14.99 with plans to come to the Oculus PC Store very soon and then Oculus Quest in early 2021, followed by PSVR eventually at some point after that. The Quest version is “under review” for official Store approval by Facebook. Tomorrow Games intends to offer cross-buy and cross-play between Oculus PC and Quest players.

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