First Mank Reactions: David Fincher’s Netflix Movie Is Cinephile Catnip


We’re still over a month away from the Netflix launch of David Fincher‘s Mank, but critics who’ve seen the auteur’s new black-and-white Hollywood drama are now weighing in. The folks who were able to watch Mank in advance of its December 4th Netflix release took to social media on Thursday to react. In doing so, we can now get a better feel of Mank‘s awards season chances and a clearer picture of how Fincher’s big creative swings shape up.

Working from a script written by his father, the late Jack Fincher, the younger Fincher’s Mank brings 1930s and ’40s Hollywood to life. More specifically, Mank tells the story of how screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) came to write the screenplay for Citizen Kane as he battled with his own personal demons. The film tracks Mank’s struggle with alcoholism, his wandering eye toward actress Marion Davies (Amanda Seyfried) while still very much a married man (to Tuppence Middleton‘s Sara Mankiewicz, no less), and his conflicted ties to newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (Charles Dance), whose image is somewhat reshaped for Citizen Kane.

So, what exactly are folks saying about Mank? They’re pretty darn positive! There’s a lot of praise for the film’s technical prowess, including Erik Messerschmidt‘s cinematography and the film’s unique mono sound design. And there’s a lot of love for the film (including from Collider’s own Steve Weintraub) and how Fincher tackles old Hollywood. Although some reactions appear to hint towards a certain type of person who will spark most strongly to Mank. I’m not entirely sure this is a “cinephiles only” kind of movie, but I also wouldn’t expect Fincher to gloss over any of the finer details in the telling of a 30s Hollywood story, so it’s likely a plus if you go in with a basic curiosity for that type of thing. Personally this film sounds right up my alley, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it. And all seem to acknowledge it’s going to be a pretty big Oscar player that could potentially net Fincher his first-ever Best Director Oscar win and Seyfried her first Oscar win (she’s apparently a standout and a shoo-in for a Supporting Actress nod).

Just how big of a player it’ll be in the overall race remains to be seen, especially in such an odd year, but it’s a safe bet to pencil it in for multiple categories. Stay tuned!

For now, check out the full early Mank reactions below.

Mank debuts on Netflix on December 4th and will be playing in select theaters in November. Check out the first reactions to David Fincher’s new movie below. For more, watch the most recent trailer for Mank.


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