Christine Quinn Reveals Her Favorite Fashion Brands

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset spills the tea about her favorite high-end brands, as well as why she developed a passion for fashion.

Christine Quinn stars on the real estate reality show Selling Sunset, and she’s shared information about her fave fashion brands. Quinn has captivated the world with her dramatic moments and her dramatic looks.

The Netflix real estate reality TV show Selling Sunset is looking at its fourth season right now. Since the show originally aired, the feisty realtors of The Oppenheim Group have been subject to allegations and speculation from the media and fans. Chrishell gets plenty of attention on the show, thanks to her split from Justin Hartley, but it’s Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn that really stands out on the fashion front. She wore a black wedding gown and takes tons of fashion risks in general, onscreen and off.

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During an interview with Vogue, Christine shared details about her favorite brands and talked about the styles she lives for. Her top three labels? Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Gucci. Her must-have accessory? A good shoe. “I remember being 16 years old and I was just dreaming of these Louboutins,” she says. 15 years later, she boasts around 400 pairs of heels and roughly 75 pairs of slippers. To get through her busy days, she tells Vogue that she switches out her heels for slippers whenever she can.

Christine quinn Selling Sunset

Christine often dominates the screen with her bold, bright, and statement-making outfits. The show’s fans will remember her green-on-green-on-green ensemble. Those who don’t remember should know that she was decked out in green from head to toe! When asked if she would ever switch styles with one of her coworkers and co-stars, she doesn’t hesitate to say, “Oh, God, no…I want to help all of them.” Davina Potratz was the only one to really take notes and borrow pieces from Quinn, which explains her elevated look during Selling Sunset season three.

Although she has always been over-the-top, Quinn was not always this high-maintenance. While talking to Vogue, she addressed her high school style. At the time, what was in her closet? According to Quinn, hand-me-downs, which she improved with her tailoring skills. “When I was a teenager, my parents couldn’t afford any clothes growing up, so I was always given my sister’s clothes. I would go and make crop tops out of sweatshirts, and I would make my clothes tighter. Even though my clothes were from Kmart or Walmart, I was still having fun with making it look like it was always really cool and different. My style was always over-the-top in school.

No wonder Christine Quinn knows what she likes… she’s made some of the pieces herself. Will she ever make her own clothes again? She admits, “I definitely am working on a line. I wanted to start with fun, fashion-forward athleisure because of the times we’re in right now. Then I can develop it and amp it up from there.” Fans can’t wait to see what her line will look like. The one thing everyone knows for sure is that the Selling Sunset’s star’s pieces will tell a story.

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Source: Vogue

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