Bruce Willis Reprises His Role As John McClane Die Hard Commercial – Deadline

Die Hard fans were all a twitter when there was buzz surrounding a mystery tease in regards to the iconic Bruce Willis action pic. His daughter Rumer Willis tweeted the tease as did De’voreaux White, who played limo driver Argyle from the 1988 movie. Turns out that all of the hype was for a different Die Hard — the car battery brand.

The two-minute commercial kept in the spirit of the movie, bringing us on a journey with Willis’s legendary hero John McClane as he sets out to buy a new DieHard battery from an Advance Auto Parts store after his car battery dies.

There are nods to the original movie including John’s wise-ass demeanor, his escape through the air vent, as well as cameos from White as Argyle and Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Die Hard baddie Theo.

There are plenty of action moments including signature Die Hard fisticuffs and blockbuster-worthy explosions and at the very end Argyle says “Yippee ki yay” to which McClane says, “Hey, that’s my line!” See what they did there?

Watch the commercial above and check out the teasers below.


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