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If you’re building a gaming PC, you’ll need a case to fit all your components. It makes sense to decide on your components first before choosing a case so you can ensure that everything matches. Not only should the casing fit all the components, but it should also be able to fit fans or water cooling systems.

The best gaming casings have fantastic airflow to keep everything cool and also have space for future upgrades. If you’re spending money on a personalized gaming rig, you might as well make sure it looks sophisticated and stylish.

Modern gaming cases typically come with tempered glass panels and, of course, RGB lighting. RGB lighting creates a flashy look and sets your PC apart from all others. Most manufacturers are adding RGB lighting to their casings, and there are countless designs available. Here are some of the best RGB gaming cases to suit any budget.

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If you want the best gaming case and money’s no object, then the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D is our first pick. This case has everything you could ask for and features a dual-system layout. You can have two power supplies and two motherboards, in addition to up to 11 storage drives. To keep both systems cool, it can handle up to four 480mm liquid cooling radiators and up to 18 cooling fans on telescoping radiator trays.

Everything can be easily accessed through the large smoked tempered glass panels. Corsair Commander Pro can control the added fans and RGB lighting strips, and there’s also compatibility with Corsair iCUE. The iCUE software allows you to sync your RGB lighting with other compatible products like gaming chairs or lighting kits. The high price adds an aura of exclusivity, but this case might be overkill for many gamers.

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The Cooler Master Cosmas C700M is another state-of-the-art case with an incredible, futuristic look. There’s a brushed aluminum strip running down the center flanked by angled tempered glass panels on each side. The beauty of this case is that it’s designed for flexible mounting options with multiple GPU configurations. Most of the panels can be fixed vertically or horizontally to use the layout that suits you.

This case comes standard with three PWM 140mm front intake fans and a single exhaust fan. It also has the option of adding a further five fans. The RGB lighting runs down the middle of the case in elegant pinstripes with more strips at the bottom. The Cosmas C700M is one of the best cases on the market but is quite heavy at 53 pounds.

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The Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 is much cheaper than the first two cases on this list but still offers excellent features. It’s also designed to be versatile with space for up to nine storage drives and comes with four built-in fans. It’s also compatible with many liquid cooling systems and has room for up to two vertically mounted graphics cards or three horizontally mounted graphics cards. 

The case itself comes in full black with a prominent ROG logo and designs on the front. Both sides feature removable tempered glass panels, and the rear has a translucent cover that hides the wiring while allowing light to shine through. The ROG Strix Helios uses Asus Aura software to control the RGB LEDs on the front panel and any additional lighting you may add. The only gripe about this case is the velcro handles, which feel cheap and attract dirt. 

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If you want an attractive RGB case for under $100, the Apevia Aura-S-BK might be for you. It may not have all the previous cases’ features, but it’s spacious enough to fit all your components, including VGA cards up to 350mm long and a CPU cooler up to 165mm in height. There’s also space for two 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives.

The Apevia Aura-S-BK has an attractive look with tempered glass panels dominating the front and sides. There’s also Apevia’s flick switches for power, reset, and RGB lighting, which give it an industrial feel. It comes standard with three propriety RGB fans in the front and one in the rear. They have 16 lighting modes and over 30 options, including breathing, single-color, and off. Despite the low price, this case is functional and looks amazing.

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The NXHT H510 Elite costs a bit more than the Apevia Aura and boasts excellent build-quality with the standard tempered glass panels. It has clean lines with either a full-black design or black with a white bottom. This case has enough space for all your components and comes with additional screws, a front panel adapter, and a headphone/microphone adapter.

Although the H510 Elite is supposed to be a compact mini-tower, there’s still enough space for different mounting options and cooling systems. It comes standard with two 140mm intake fans in the front and an exhaust fan. There’s also support for up to four HUE 2 LED strips or five RGB fans. This case offers superb value, but the front panel only has one USB Gen1 port and one USB Type-C port.

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The Cooler Master MB520 is another budget case that punches above its weight. It may be inexpensive, but it still has enough space for your components and features a full-sized PSU shroud and PSU ventilation. There are also many nifty areas for cable management. The airflow is also exceptional, with ventilation on the top panel and the front panel’s sides.

The front panel features a smoked effect tempered glass panel with clear tempered glass on the sides. Also in the front are three prominent 120mm RGB fans that steal the show and look incredible. There’s also a rear exhaust fan, but it lacks RGB lighting. If you want a reasonably priced case that ticks most boxes, it’s hard to go wrong with the Cooler Master MB520.

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The Thermaltake Level 20 GT is a massive case with exquisite design and solid construction. The sides are furnished with thick tempered glass lockable doors, while the front also has a sizeable tempered glass window. Complementing the tempered glass are two stylish aluminum pillars on each side. The front has two large 200mm RGB fans, while the rear gets a smaller 140mm RGB exhaust fan. 

The RGB lighting on this case is compatible with other TTGB products and can be synchronized with them. It can even be voice-controlled through Alexa or changed using the smartphone app.

The Level 20 GT also allows multiple configurations and is one of the best cases you can get. 

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