The Aftermath of Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Fight Is Crazy Dramatic

While Corey claimed he didn’t get involved until five minutes into the fight, he alleged that Kendall called them names. Kendall swiftly denied this accusation.

“I’m not into your fight,” Corey expressed. “That’s between y’all, you keep grouping us up. Like, it’s us against you.”

In response to this, Kendall declared that Corey was “100 percent in the fight” and unwilling to apologize. This didn’t sit well with Corey, who proceeded to tell Kendall off over the phone.

“Kendall you’ve been a rude person for years, man,” Corey sounded off. “You’re an a–hole when you feel like it, you get riled up for no reason.”

As Corey alleged that Kendall rarely apologizes, she countered by saying he doesn’t “even know” her.

“Listen! You’re a f–king bystander and you were letting this whole thing happen,” she exploded. “You were trying to get me a car to get in, which I already know what you were trying to do.”

Before concluding the call, Corey assured Kendall that she “jumped to a conclusion too soon.”

When recounting the conversation with Kris, Corey said the chat “went nowhere.”

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