Jim Cramer: The President’s Behavior Towards Covid-19

Did the president’s behavior change the way we should approach the economy?

As long as Trump stays president he will fight any shutdown and go against any restraints on vaccines.

Both of these could be pernicious given that there are hotspots that are undeniable and there are people who won’t take the vaccines if they aren’t fully tested.

Worse, he has said that we have drugs that can stop and reverse the viral load — Regeneron’s (REGN) cocktail — so what’s the big deal.

Of course the big deal is that the Regeneron drug is difficult to get. They can’t make it fast enough and it hasn’t been approved for general use.

It doesn’t matter to Trump though because the number of cases in the country just fell below 40,000 — call it 35,000 in the lowest we have had since the last 14 day period.

As someone who favors masks — we have created a wildly popular contest among 15 to 24 year-olds worldwide for a better community mask, one that helps you and who you are with (xprize.org/masks) — I know that the president is going to blunt our initiative because who needs masks if it isn’t a big deal if you are sick?

So altogether the president’s early departure from Walter Reed will make people feel that the new drugs make it so you don’t need a mask because it is just a bad flu.

Lots of people on Twitter (TWTR) say why don’t I speak out about how wrong the president is. I struggle over this because he won’t change his behavior and he is the president of the United States, who cares about my view?

That’s a shame. It’s also a reality.

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