Damwon Gaming defeats Rogue on day two of 2020 Worlds group stage

Damwon Gaming of the LCK defeated Rogue in convincing fashion on day two of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. 

Coming into the match, both teams sat atop Group B with spotless records of 1-0. Yesterday, Rogue beat up on PSG Talon while Damwon got the edge over JD Gaming. Both of those games were incredibly one-sided, so coming into this matchup, the question would be whether or not these two teams could provide a relatively competitive game. 

Rogue showed signs of life early on, as the first few minutes of the game showcased a back-and-forth affair. But through serious control of neutral objectives across the map, Damwon was able to mount a lead over Rogue that built up progressively over time. 

And although the matchup felt even at times, especially considering the low kill-score of the game, Damwon eventually pulled the trigger and gained the upper hand over Rogue towards the back-end of the game.

Mainly, Damwon was able to take control of the map early, as a strong emphasis on developing a lead through objectives and towers instead of kills was what won the game for the LCK champions. By way of an exponentially-increasing gold lead over the span of 34 minutes, Damwon was able to topple over Rogue in a relatively slow, but nevertheless forceful manner.

The top performer of the game was Damwon’s Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, who took an unconventional Lulu pick into the top lane and posted a perfect scoreline of 1/0/6. Nuguri’s surprise pick was able to act as a secondary support throughout the game, allowing Damwon’s carries to grow stronger and become more of an unbreakable focal point as the game went on. 

After today’s contest, Damwon sits atop Group B with a record of 2-0. The team will face off against PSG Talon tomorrow as it looks to complete a perfect run through its first three games of the 2020 group stage. 

Rogue, on the other hand, falls to 1-1, and will square off against JD Gaming out of the LPL come tomorrow.

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